The operation and effectiveness of your car, as well as the driver's safety, depend on general maintenance. Shop Semi Truck and Trailer Air Dryers that wear out regularly and fast need to be replaced in order to keep your truck in good condition. The semi-truck components that need to be changed the most are:



Brake Pads




Your semi-clutch truck's and power transmission system must be in good working order for it to operate correctly and efficiently. Small vehicles' clutches don't wear down all that quickly, but huge trucks are far more likely to have clutch failures. This failure's contributing factors include:

Chassis dumping

abruptly releasing the clutch without control, causing the truck to stall out or lurch ahead

running on the clutch

not properly reengaging the clutch after shifting into a different gear.

If you don't change your clutch on a regular basis, the truck's transmission could sustain excessive damage.

Tires If you've ever travelled down a highway, chances are you've come across a flat tyre or the remains of one someplace. Semi-truck tyres need to be replaced approximately every 100,000 miles even though they are designed to last longer than ordinary automobile tyres. To someone who drives a regular car, that may seem like a lot of miles, but truckers who are constantly on the road can cover 100,000 miles in about six months.

pad brakes

When it comes to the safety of the driver, brakes are one of the most crucial components of a semi-truck. Brake pads require frequent replacement since they deteriorate over time similarly to the clutch. Because it takes more brake power to stop or slow down a heavier object, this part needs to be replaced more frequently the larger the semi-truck. Every three to five years, brake pads should be replaced, especially if your truck sees a lot of use and mileage. There are two indicators that brake pads need to be replaced:

Squeaky brakes

Unresponsive brakes


Your tyres are designed to be shielded from weather-related damage by fenders. Ice and snow can add weight to various truck components, putting more strain on the fenders and bending brackets. The frequency of repair for these components depends on the types of weather you encounter while driving. For example, due to the severity of the weather in Michigan during the winter, you will need to replace your fenders more regularly than in California.


For individuals who drive at night, in bad weather, or in fog, it is crucial to make sure your headlights are working properly. Headlights are essential for the driver's safety and ought to be replaced as soon as there are any indications of trouble. Your headlights may begin to malfunction if:

blown out lights

dim lighting

alternating lights

A faulty fuse or module is to blame for the majority of these problems. Get new headlights as soon as you can if you observe any of these failure indicators.

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